Sunday, 2 August 2015

How To Make a Watermelon Fruit Basket

Hey Sweet Beginners!

Visiting a friend's house? A special occasion coming up? Or just bored at home in the holidays? Whatever it is this healthy and creative fruit basket will brighten up any day, and is the perfect way to start your Summer with three simple steps!

To create this Marvelous Fruit Basket You Will Need:

  • A Variety of Fruit of your choice (to serve inside the fruit bowl)
  • A Big Kitchen knife
  • Ice Cream Scoop
  • A Marker Pen
  • Duct Tape (Optional)
  • Pop Chef (Optional)
  • Newspaper 

And of Course..


Choosing a watermelon can be hard so here are some of my tips and tricks to choosing your perfect Watermelon!

  •  You can use any watermelon you like, round or oblong shaped, but I would recommend using a rounder watermelon as it is smaller and looks more like a fruit bowl! 
  • Try to look for the greenest watermelon you can find as it usually means it is juicier and fresher too!
  • Look for an average size of the watermelon, depending on the occasion, if for an example you and doing a big party for all your friends, try to look for a bigger watermelon, and if you are making one just for you and your family, you might want to make a smaller fruit basket!

Step 1) Lay out the newspaper on a flat surface because this process is going to be messy! Draw using your marker pen a line going from one corner of the watermelon to the next. Cut using the knife around this line, and then draw another line sectioning the water melon into quarters. (See picture in step 2 if unclear) Cut around these lines  and take out both of the two quarter parts from on top of the watermelon and set them aside, we will be using them later on. 

*Sweet Tip*: You could use duct tape to mark out where to cut rather than using a marker pen!
 Step 2) Using an icecream scoop, scoop out the remaining water melon parts OR cut around the watermelon parts out using your knife. I would recommend doing this instead because it means you can easily cut the watermelon in to different shapes and serve it with all the other fruits rather than wasting fruit! Your water melon should look like the one above! 
 Step 3) Fill your Fruit Basket with lots of your favorite fruit! I would also recommend you to go out and buy Pop Chef which is a fantastic cooking tool which is really simple and easy to use! Just Push, Pop & Eat! This brilliant pop chef tool will cut your fruit into different shapes with ease! Create mouth watering masterpieces, and not only this it can also be used for healthy snacks, cake decorating, party treats and more!

And that's it all done! I hope you enjoyed this little easy three step guide of how you can make a watermelon fruit basket! I had so much fun making this amazing fruit basket, and I really hope you will too! Have a go and try this recipe yourself! Also be sure to let me know how you get on, I would love to see what you guys have to share! If you liked this recipe and want me to make more, please be sure to comment below, like share and follow me for more sweet recipes! 

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